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Goldstein Whacks Some Leftist Scum

Filed under: Blogging Matters,Morons,Scum — Patterico @ 8:21 pm

Jeff Goldstein expresses the outrage I felt upon reading some condescending leftist cretin’s comments about Michelle Malkin and the reasons for her success in the blogosphere.

Well said, Jeff.

P.S. He draws a connection to the NCAA ruling.

One Response to “Goldstein Whacks Some Leftist Scum”

  1. This is his,

    “One-Line Bio
    I’m your basic, harmless Philadelphia pervert with a law degree who likes to beat people and talk about politics.”

    It would be interesting to know what firm hires perverts who like to beat people.

    I wonder, does TTLB keep stats on the most obnoxious* bloggers?

    *(Too nice a word, my apologies to all obnoxious people reading this).

    MD in Philly (b3202e)

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