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“Something Has Gone Seriously Awry” T-Shirts

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Randy Barnett is selling T-shirts with Justice Thomas’s line from his Kelo dissent:

Something has gone seriously awry with this Court’s interpretation of the Constitution.

You can get one by clicking on this link.

I am tempted to buy one and send it to Justice Thomas — but the second I do, the L.A. Times will probably run a front-page story about how he is accepting gifts from extreme right-wing bloggers.

CORRECTION: Barnett is not selling the T-shirts himself; he just helped publicize the effort. He says in comments below: “A portion of the proceeds will go to the Institute for Justice.” Apologies for the error.

4 Responses to ““Something Has Gone Seriously Awry” T-Shirts”

  1. Don’t buy any ringer-Ts from Cafe press–they are uuuuugly.

    Christopher Cross (3389d3)

  2. Sorry, all of the t-shirts I have ordered from CafePress have been of poor quality. Great quote though.

    Pat Patterson (75f1f6)

  3. Although I did publicize the idea of the T-shirts and mugs on, someone else is selling them, not me. A portion of the proceeds will go to the Institute for Justice.

    Randy Barnett (f904de)

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