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It’s a Supreme Court Day

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Howard Bashman lists the remaining cases to be decided here. Displays of the Ten Commandments will be the issue of the day.

Will there be a retirement? Will there be more than one? Who will be the replacement(s)? K-Lo points to a Chicago Tribune article that purports to narrow the field to Luttig and Roberts, but it’s still all speculation at this point.

Stay tuned to Howard’s site for breaking news.

UPDATE: The opinions have all been handed down. The Ten Commandments won in Texas and lost in Kentucky. Bashman has links to the opinions and other information here. You’ll probably have a hard time accessing the opinions for a while, however.

Retirement news will probably have to wait until later in the day.

6 Responses to “It’s a Supreme Court Day”

  1. The ten commandment issue is a manufactured problem from a series of earlier overbroad decisions from the court in stretching the meaning of “Congress shall make no law”. If the 1st Amendment was properly read, there would be no problem either with establishment or the free exercise of religion.

    Don’t expect the court’s attempt to extricate itself from this cesspool of its own making to be pretty.

    Paul Deignan (97b2e3)

  2. FYI, Bashman has an emergency backup site at

    Apparently, his main site is being overwhelmed. Of course, there’s also some info at my own site,

    Andrew (2977e4)

  3. Would the same dustup be before the Court if the heading read: The 10 best ways to avoid incarceration?

    Black Jack (ee9fe2)

  4. Rehnquist needs to be like “I’m not retiring, I’m going out in a blaze of glory!” and then pull a flamethrower out from under the bench and torch the liberal justices and the news reporters until U.S. Marshals bring him down in a hail of gunfire.

    Angry Clam (f05866)

  5. An “Angry Clam” would say that. Aren’t you aware that the robes repel fire, bullets, public opinion, anthrax, common sense, cancer, and constitutional commands?

    Andrew (2977e4)

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