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Recently I posted that Michael Schiavo had used Terri Schiavo’s gravestone to take a parting shot at her parents — one of the most shameless acts of petty, self-absorbed nastiness in recent memory. (See here for more details.)

Michael Schiavo defenders have made different arguments. Some have questioned whether he really meant to insult the Schindlers. Others have admitted that, of course, he did — but have argued that, while that’s regrettable, it’s perhaps understandable given all the supposed slanders the guy has had to endure.

And then there’s a third opinion, which as far as I can tell, is held by one guy on the Web, and one guy alone. This fellow actually argues that it’s appropriate for Michael Schiavo to use his ex-wife’s tombstone to exact revenge upon his in-laws:

The Schindlers have misbehaved and they need to be punished.

Words cannot describe my contempt for someone who actively approves of using someone else’s gravestone to psychologically punish that person’s parents. But some words come pretty close, and they have been spoken by other respected bloggers, whom I’ll allow to speak for me:

Dean Esmay, Dean Esmay again, and Bill from INDC Journal (see bottom of comment thread).

UPDATE: In case anyone is wondering why I might experience schadenfreude in seeing this guy’s true character gradually revealed to bloggers whom I respect, read this post.

I don’t really see any point in leaving comments open on this.

UPDATE x2: I’ve removed the quotes from these bloggers from the post. You can go read them yourself if you want to.

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