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Pundit Review Radio to Interview . . . Patterico?!

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The guys at Pundit Review Radio have interviewed some fantastic bloggers recently, including Hugh Hewitt, Power Line‘s Scott Johnson, Dean Esmay, Bill Ardolino from INDC Journal, Jeff Goldstein from Protein Wisdom, and many others. On July 3, they are making their first serious misstep: they are going to have yours truly on the show.

The guys at Pundit Review have really hit the big time. Their show broadcasts Sundays at 9 p.m. EDT, at WRKO, a station with 50,000 watts of power. My friend in Framingham and my uncle in Cape Cod ought to be able to tune in. If you are in the Boston area, you should tune in too. (Are there any Patterico readers from Boston? I know one is named “Bostonian” . . .)

Of course, anyone can listen via streaming audio on the WRKO web site — and the show will be archived, so my foolish statements will live forever on the Web.

This appears to be the Pundit Review guys’ first significant lapse in judgment. I thank them for the opportunity. I hope it doesn’t cost them their contract . . .

6 Responses to “Pundit Review Radio to Interview . . . Patterico?!”

  1. Patterico,

    If we got through 20 minutes with Golstein, I think we can handle anything! Thanks for the plug! Speaking of plug…We have LaShawn Barber this Sunday and Matt from Blackfive on July 10.



    Kevin (fec8ff)

  2. Patterico,
    You’ve got at least one other reader from Cape Cod here–I’ll gladly tune in and recommend it to my husband and my mother!

    Ooooh! And LaShawn on Sunday? I’m keeping the radio on all weekend!

    Susan (27f923)

  3. Very cool.

    Patterico (c235d1)

  4. What is their SoCal affiliate?

    Rod Stanton (611a91)

  5. Rod,

    No affiliate in SoCal..yet.:) You can stream the show live at 6pm PST at


    Kevin (fec8ff)

  6. What do you guys think I should talk about?

    Patterico (106b28)

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