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See-Dubya: An alternative to guest bloggers (BUMPED)

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(NOTE: This was originally posted a couple days back when I thought the lease ran out Thursday.)

Patterico will be back in the house full time pretty soon, and Daf ab, the Clam, and I will be sent on our merry way. I am a rootless blog hobo, a blog ronin, a blogabond, without a blog to call my own, but I have wangled a standing summer-long invitation to post over at The Jawa Report. Those of you who have enjoyed my prissy moralizing and “Just Say No!” anti-marijuana finger-wagging, my brimstone imprecations against online gambling, and my tearful altar calls over all fourteen verses of “Just As I Am”, will find more of the same appearing intermittently thereon until Jawa proprietor “Dr. Rusty Shackleford” kicks me out–or until he is succesful in his ongoing project to have a fatwa declared against him and the jihadis blow him up. (I’ll also, of course, continue to bust out the flag-waving, terrorist-whoopin’, pro-Bolton, UN-bashing, pro-cop, anti-idiotarian, Bush-boosting, rogue-state-wrasslin’ rhetoric and analysis which have made “See-Dubya” a household name in at least one household.)

Thanks to all of you who have read and commented on my posts, and thanks to my gracious host, the beautiful, the talented, the Patterico, whom I hope will call on me again should the need arise, and not go with one of these.

All right Pearl, fire up that Wurlitzer and let’s have one more chorus…Just as I am, without one plea

2 Responses to “See-Dubya: An alternative to guest bloggers (BUMPED)”

  1. blogabonds

    That’s a blog vagabond. Someone who goes around guest blogging but doesn’t have his own blog. The only one I know of right now is See-Dubya. It’s actually kind of a cool idea. I like See-Dubya and I’ll probably link to the next blog he guest stars …

    Doc Rampage (59ce3a)

  2. I’m bumping you back down below the picture of my lovely children — but above the other posts for the day.

    Patterico (756436)

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