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Last Day for Guest Bloggers

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I’m kicking the guest bloggers off today. Thanks to Dafydd, See-Dubya, and the Clam.

I asked them to fill in while I was on vacation in Hilton Head, and extended the invitation for two weeks because I was studying for a promotional exam. Now that I’m done, the time has come for them to say goodbye.

There has been something a little addictive about logging in to my site and seeing new and interesting posts that I didn’t have to put up. And I know that the readers here, like me, have all enjoyed the excellent writing and keen insights these fellows have provided.

Like any addiction, part of me wants to keep it going. But ultimately, I don’t want this site to be a group blog. It’s mine, all mine! So, beginning tomorrow, you’re stuck with just me again. Sorry.

See-Dubya will be at The Jawa Report during the summer. And one of these days, Dafydd is going to finally finish his own site. Clam (who doesn’t post much anyway) has a standing invitation to post here on occasion. I’m going to extend that to See-Dubya and Dafydd. Don’t throw away your passwords. If you have something you really want to post here, feel free.

And thanks again for helping me out.

One Response to “Last Day for Guest Bloggers”

  1. Dost thou jape? I should thank you for the seductive opportunity to fritter away even more time I should have been using to rally my own site!

    T’was a brilliant competitive move, setting me back weeks — months — years… yea verily, even decades — perhaps never to recover til th’last advancing glacier from the pending coolth age be melted into oblivion by the pending warmth age. Yea, warming. Verily. Lo!

    I have at least one more post to cast here today before bowing to the wishes of the Master. Or mayhap a twain, if something comes up. But I will comply, befalling silent afore the stroke of the witch’s hour. Resistance is Argyle.


    Dafydd (df2f54)

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