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New Blog by Appellate Judge

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Howard Bashman links to a new blog by an appellate judge: Have Opinion, Will Travel. The judge remains anonymous, so (as Bashman notes) we have to take his word for it that he’s an appellate judge. But (as best as one can gauge such things) I think his posts have the ring of truth. And besides: why would anyone spend a lot of time pretending to be an anonymous appellate judge?

As I was poking though the blog, I was pleased to discover that the judge apparently reads Patterico — or, at least, has stumbled across this blog before. That shows good taste.

Go pay a visit.

2 Responses to “New Blog by Appellate Judge”

  1. I’m an attorney and I’ve looked at his blog. He’s most certainly an appellate judge. A trial judge wouldn’t have enough time to commit to maintaining a blog. He’s also interested in things only an appellate judge would find interesting. I’m guessing he’s on a federal circuit court of appeal. They’ve got LOADS of time.

    Arnold Ziffle (63a84e)

  2. Thanks for the tip. I thought the blog was extremely interesting. I think he’s the real thing too.

    MaxedOutMama (af831b)

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