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Added to the blogroll today:

Pigilito: ex-Californian living in Switzerland. One of the few commenters around here who weighs in when I pontificate about classical music.

Doc Rampage: faithful Patterico reader who recently made a nice catch about David Greenberg’s filibuster piece in the L.A. Times.

Welcome to both.

UPDATE: A gentle hint reminds me of an oversight in not adding The Unalienable Right, a blog from the editors of the American Federalist Journal. That mistake has been corrected.

3 Responses to “Blogroll Additions”

  1. What? No link to The Unalienable Right?

    Next thing you know, Patterico will be calling the Los Angeles Times a “moderate and responsible news organization.” Thus begins the slip toward the dark side.

    The Editors, American Federalist Journal (78a437)

  2. I recently added Pigilito to my blogroll, too. Perhaps the BFL should draft him?

    Xrlq (717f9d)

  3. Thanks very much for adding me.

    Regarding classical music, my wife was in Vienna last week for a medical congress and managed to see Verdi’s Don Carlos at the state opera house. She loved it, although at five hours, it would be at my upper limit.

    Speaking of long operas: how did you like the ring cycle in Chicago? I can’t remeber if you blogged about it.

    Xrlq: If the BFL accepts bloggers across the sea, I would be pleased to be a member.

    Pigilito (4716b5)

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