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Democrat Hypocrisy on Judicial Filibusters, Catalogued

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Michelle Malkin has a good roundup of past statements, both from Democrats and the New York Times editorial page (but I repeat myself), supporting the idea of an up-or-down vote for judicial nominees — or just opposing the idea of filibusters altogether.

The hypocrisy is breathtaking.

However . . .

I just have to wonder whether there is a similar collection of quotes from Republicans of that era, justifying blocking judicial nominations. If anyone knows where a good, succinct collection of such quotes can be found, send me the link. I am reluctant to go trolling through a bunch of nasty leftist sites to find them myself.

2 Responses to “Democrat Hypocrisy on Judicial Filibusters, Catalogued”

  1. Patterico, Michelle’s not the only one documenting Democrats’ hypocrisy. Check out what Senator John Cornyn is doing on his website –

    antimedia (16fc83)

  2. I doubt that there are many statements by Republicans supporting a filibuster against judicial nominees simply because the Republicans have never tried it. They resorted to the somewhat more dubious technique of not passing some of Clinton’s nominees out of committee rather that break that precedent.


    toby928 (99ba2b)

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