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L.A. Press Club Event

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Had a wonderful time at the L.A. Press Club event tonight. It would be impossible to list all the people I met, but I can say I never met so many people I admire in one night. And seeing a number of old friends just made the evening that much better.

It was a roomful of fascinating people, and me.

One thing: Hugh, if you’re going to ask me to speak to a crowd, warn me next time! Maybe I’ll ramble a little less . . .

I also enjoyed a nice pre-event dinner with frequent commenter Dafydd ab Hugh and his lovely wife. Hurry and get that blog of yours going, Dafydd!

5 Responses to “L.A. Press Club Event”

  1. I was pretty sure that “special appearance” meant ready to speak. Someone is going to have to publish those code words.

    Justene (acbfef)

  2. Nahhhh you did not ramble.

    Good to meet you and Justene at the event.

    Photos to come – later in the morning.

    Flap (bef92f)

  3. But you never said whether you liked your steak, Patterico!

    C’mon, admit it… I asked the best question of Sipchen, didn’t I?


    [Good steak. If I recall your question correctly (whether Outside the Tent is there just to pacify critics), my next submission to the paper may address that issue. — Patterico

    Dafydd (df2f54)

  4. And Mickey Kaus complained that none of the attending bloggers had posted about the get-together! I have a picture posted.

    cehwiedel (3cc57a)

  5. Just for the record, I posted this just after 1 a.m. this morning.

    mack (4da645)

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