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UN half*ssedly does something right

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The vote on the human-rights committee to condemn Castro’s Cuba was 21 to 17, with 15 abstaining. That is, 21 countries voted for the resolution of condemnation, 17 voted against, and 15 abstained.

Nordlinger at today’s Impromptus. France voted Yes? And Saudi Arabia? He’s got the whole roll call. Big disappointment about India.

2 Responses to “UN half*ssedly does something right”

  1. Fifteen countries abstained.

    What more could you need to know about the UN?

    Bostonian (0198d8)

  2. Less than 40% of the UN’s commission voted to “condemn” Cuba. Heh.

    I think that says it all.

    Leigh (6ad34a)

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