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Saudi Arabia is on Frickin’ Fire

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Not literally, no. But there’s a blurb in the World Tribune’s pay-per-view section,, that describes how they have killed or captured all but two of their list of 26 most wanted terrorists since the list was released in December of 2003. And those were just the bigwigs–there are a lot more dead bodies out there. (You need to be a paid subscriber to read it.)

One of them was wanted as a mastermind for the Madrid bombing:

At first, Al Qaida network leader Saleh Al Awfi was not identified as either having been slain or captured. But Saudi security sources said Interior Ministry forces killed Abdul Karim Al Majati, a Moroccan national and regarded as the mastermind behind the multiple suicide bombings in Casablanca in 2003.

Sources said Al Majati had been sought by several European governments in connection with the Madrid train bombings in March 2004.

Either fourteen or eighteen insurgents were killed along with them in an April 5th siege.

I have both eyes open about the Saudi role in the war on terror. I have no illusions about their complicated relationship with terrorist groups, about their lackadaisical efforts to disrupt terrorist funding, and about their ongoing support and exporting of radical, fundamentalist Islam. But when they do the right thing they also need to know we’re watching. It looks like their police have been doing some very good work in getting rid of some very dangerous men.

3 Responses to “Saudi Arabia is on Frickin’ Fire”

  1. Of course, whom they consider their “most-wanted” might not be whom WE consider the “most-wanted.”

    Christopher Cross (42804f)

  2. I think we should give them credit for trying and apparently succeeding on some level. It’s really easy for us to sit back and demand that Saudi Arabia “deal” with these terriorists when it’s their country that could be ripped apart. How well did our government deal with a groups like the Ku Klux Klan? Does anyone remember when this group was a very popular organization? Well it was following the civil war and leading up the the civil rights movement post WWII the Klan had a lot of power and used it for many decades. If you know film history “Birth of a Nation” made in 1915, I think, made heroes of Klansmen and was a very successful film.

    It took many decades to reduce the Klan to what it is today. The bottom line is the big bully (terrorist groups, Klan etc…) often “appear” to represent the people but in reality they don’t it’s just ordinary folks aren’t going to stand up and fight them. (And neither do governments) The big mistake that the American left wing can’t get past is the fact that these terrorists don’t represent the Arab “street” anymore than the Klan represented the American “street” in the early 20th century. If for no other reason this is why the war in Iraq must be fought and won. If you stand up to the bully they will crumble and quite frankly their crumbling rather easily. I know it’s not PC (even to conservatives) to suggest that any loss of life is acceptable but we’ve ONLY lost about 1,700 coalition forces in Iraq.

    Folks we’ve invaded a country and we’ve now been there well over a year and the fact that we’ve lost less that 2,000 soldiers is amazing in my book. I think we lost about 50,000 in Vietnam and around 300,000 in WWII.

    These bully’s will fall because we’ve laid down the law and any help we get from the Saudi’s should be applauded.

    Tripp (71cab3)

  3. I am affraid the Saudis might be killing these guys so they can’t talk. I would much rather see the Saudis handing these guys over to the countries in which they committed their crimes. On the other hand, the way Britian and other European countries are letting some terror suspects go for “lack of evidence”, it may be better if the Saudis “off them”.

    william (b8a0e0)

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