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Johnny Letter strikes again!

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Now this is interesting.

Major papers across the U.S. probably got a swarm of letters from around the world about the election of Pope Benedict XVI. How to choose between them? This one from Paul Kokoski in Hamilton, Ontario looks like a good one to run…

So said the LA Dog Trainer…
So said the Washington Post…
So said the New York Times…
And Canada’s National Post…
And so said the Miami Herald!

The American Spectator’s Wlady Pleszczynski catches them all running Mr. Kokoski’s letter, and notes the Post tweaking his grammar a bit.

A quick Google search on Mr. Kokoski’s name shows he had a similar success placing a letter around the world after the last Pope’s death. A search on the phrase “will one day be proclaimed a saint by the Catholic Church” shows his letter appearing in the Irish Times, the Tobago News, the Chicago Sun-Times, Al-Ahram Weekly, the Taipei Times, the Korea Times…and that’s just the first page.

What’s up with that?

Michelle Malkin recently stung papers for running “astroturfed” letters ginned up by activists at This isn’t really astroturfing, it’s…I don’t know, rototilling or mulching or something.

2 Responses to “Johnny Letter strikes again!”

  1. Its an old trick.

    actus (0f2616)

  2. Back a goodly number of years ago a fellow wrote a letter to the San Diego Union (now the Union-Tribune). In it he detailed why he was moving out of town. It was a well written piece I must admit.

    I later saw the same letter in a couple of other local papers around the country (thanks to the San Diego Central Library’s newspaper collection). The only thing changed was the name of the town.

    Correspondence recycling is old.

    Alan Kellogg (4cd060)

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