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L.A. Times Investigates Its Reporter

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L.A. Observed and the Claremont Institute’s Local Liberty blog have more about that flawed L.A. Times story about Chico State.

According to L.A. Observed’s Kevin Roderick, the reporter responsible for the story, Eric Slater, has been “suspended pending an investigation.” Roderick says that editor Jim Newton has traveled north to ask some questions. Roderick notes that, according to a story in the Chico State student newspaper:

Student leader Michelle Dobin said Newton told her “he was here trying to talk to as many people as possible and to see if Eric Slater was ever in town” and that Slater’s travel records aren’t conclusive.

Perhaps he went on his handsome BMW GS1100 Paris-Dakar motorcycle.

6 Responses to “L.A. Times Investigates Its Reporter”

  1. This was so bizaare that at first I thought Local Liberty’s post was satire. Then I read the links and no one is kidding.

    Justene (3a9f3c)

  2. Would that Fox News be so tight with their reporters and anchors as to suspend them when they deliberately lie during the newscasts.

    But then there’d be practically no on air “talent” left over there…

    carla (122266)

  3. As a Chico State alum and former fraternity member, I am very pleased that Patterico, the Orion, the Chico Enterprise-Record AND the Chico News and Review are all over this story. I caught the story the day it came out and couldn’t believe the amount of errors. Here is an aspect of the story that I haven’t seen addressed yet. I know the city like the back of my hand. I have spend MANY an hour in just about every bar/ club in downtown Chico. The photo that went along with the story doesn’t look like any corner I can remember in the city. I’ve presented the picture to about a half-dozen other Chico Alums and they have no idea where that is in the city. Chico is an awesome place to live. Chico State is a lot of fun, but it’s also a great school with small classes and dedicated professors.

    Oh and another thing, there are no “gothic” frat houses in the city. Almost every greek house is an old foursquare, large bungalow or neoclassical structure. In addition, I truly believe there is no such architectural style know as “California Gothic”.

    JMAC (a733e3)

  4. JMAC:

    I haven’t seen anything in the Chico News & Review online about this. Have they also published something about it?

    More info here:
    here, and more to come.

    Matt Peterson (dc421b)

  5. The LA Times’ Jayson Blair?
    Is Eric Slater of the Los Angeles Times the next Jayson Blair? As we’ve said, it looks like the LAT sent one of their own to Chico to investigate this very issue. All the errors in his article on Chico State we mentioned earlier today have led many to…

    Local Liberty (a8d754)

  6. Here is the Blue Monday Roundup
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