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Dog Bites Man

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Bill Quick catches Robert Scheer making a statement with no apparent basis in fact.

4 Responses to “Dog Bites Man”

  1. I’m simply shocked. Who woulda figured with all of those “fact checkers” on the payroll.

    Old Coot (224bec)

  2. Just another member of the “don’t let the facts obscure the truth” school of journalism.

    Scott Crawford (09f5be)

  3. So, what else is new. I’ve known this left-wing idiot for over thirty years. He hasn’t changed one bit. Why is everybody so surprised? The best option that LAT subscribers have is to just call in and say “cancel my subscription now!”

    Mescalero (8174b2)

  4. I’d be willing to bet you that LAT will admit (sooner or later) that op-eds are not fact checked by the crack editorial staff. Scheer has made so many errors in his columns that it’s a matter of “how many” versus “if” when it comes to factual errors. What’s always fun (in a perverse sort of way) is looking at the letters page on Wed and Thurs (one and two days after Scheer’s columns) to see how many remaining Times readers will start a letter with “Scheer tells it like it is…” or “Scheer is so right…”. It sadly underscores the fact that many Times readers don’t differentiate between op-ed and news pages (nor does the Times most days), or don’t know he’s wrong since the local paper of record doesn’t get it accurate either.

    Kyle (dca2a1)

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