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Patterico Stock Undervalued

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For me, Google Alerts typically don’t work very well. They generally point me to some old blog entry mentioning me, usually one I read ages ago. But today, they did their job, pointing me to something I hadn’t previously seen — this amusing “press release” on Blogshares:

Patterico’s Pontifications suffered a huge setback with several analysts urging their clients to ditch the stock as it suffered a public relations disaster. The exact nature of customer dissatisfaction was not known but bub Stevens was rumoured to have had a hand in it. Industry insiders suspect a Correspondent (artefact) was involved. Patterico’s Pontifications share price dropped from B$2,945.71 to B$1,325.57

bub Stevens declined to comment on the recent speculation.

bub Stevens:

I have no idea what the alleged “public relations disaster” was, but I’m nevertheless strangely pleased, as I think everyone should have a public relations disaster now and then. As Calvin’s dad used to say: Builds character.

Something tells me “bub Stevens” is artificially pushing down Patterico shares to corner the market. What gives, “bub”?

UPDATE: Mystery mostly solved. There is a device in the game called an “artefact” that allows players to artificially manipulate stock prices. One of these is called a “public relations disaster”:

Public Relations Disaster (aka PRD): This move enables the player to destroy the share price of a blog (stock) in the artefact’s industry. The market price will drop by 20-50%. Repeated usage on the same blog within 24 hours will have less effect.

So my joke was actually right; someone is probably trying to artificially drive down the price of the stock as part of a restructuring that will allow them to purchase more shares.

I think.

And here I thought I had suffered a real public relations disaster and didn’t even know it.

Oh well. I’m vaguely disappointed. But at least I understand it better. Sort of.

5 Responses to “Patterico Stock Undervalued”

  1. I think your response to your own Homspun Blogger Symposium question will provide the necessary PRD!

    Mike (516ba1)

  2. So do they take over your blog if they get 50.1% of the shares. Hmmm…why haven’t I been investing…Patterico’s Pontifications…
    Now under new management.

    Joel B. (5f6faf)

  3. Sound like a good time to buy. Where is it traded? Or who is making a market for it?

    Rod Stanton (722aee)

  4. One Jeroen Sangers owns 4000 shares, 80 percent of the market. (1000 shares are reserved for Patterico, should he wish to play the game himself.) Current share price is $3609.58, or would be if there were any shares for sale at this moment. (Patterico’s market cap is therefore $18,047,900, about twice mine.)

    Incidentally, I have 250 shares of Patterico’s old Blogspot blog. They’re worth $2.84 apiece.

    CGHill (6bfc75)


    Would this make blogging easier for you?

    Hugo (23a329)

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