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Bill Maher’s Idea of Balance

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Flipping channels last night, what should I see but Bill Maher discussing the Terri Schiavo case with Alec Baldwin, Whoopi Goldberg, and Dr. Cornel West.

I assume that there was a wide variety of opinions expressed. I have to assume, because I didn’t watch long enough to know for sure.

For some reason I wasn’t interested in watching Whoopi Goldberg play this issue for yuks.

6 Responses to “Bill Maher’s Idea of Balance”

  1. Didn’t Bill Maher recently say that he planned to present more right-of-center views in this year’s shows? Sure sounds like it with those three.

    Susan (fa1edc)

  2. I’d actually be kind of curious to hear what Cornel West has to say about that case, but I’m with you on the other two. Who the hell cares what a couple of actors think about Terri Schiavo? I’d rather discuss the issue with my mailman. (He thinks it was a crying shame, by the way.)

    Jeff Harrell (a5b150)

  3. Another guest discussing the Schiavo case was FOXNews talking head Bill O’Reilly. The Real Time website highlights one of O’Reilly’s quotes:

    “I thought the whole thing was a circus, you know. And what I saw was a bunch of people demagoguing it from both sides. I mean, I wanted to instill feeding tubes into half the pundits and politicians in the country to shut them up.” –Bill O’Reilly

    Personally, I think it is Bill O’Reilly who is a circus. A circus clown.

    Ann (ff0df7)

  4. I wasn’t really ready for yuks on this issue, either, but I must say South Park did a reasonably good job of offending both sides equally. I didn’t laugh all that much, but chalk that up to good comedy being tragedy plus time, the latter being lacking right now. A year from now, I’m sure I’ll think the rerun is a real hoot.

    Xrlq (816c74)

  5. So they did with the notorious ALEC BALDWINN? i wonder what baldwinn though of the whole thing after all he was the one who said he would leave the country if bush was elected

    night heron (9fb763)

  6. Bill Maher has always tried to have 2 sets of views up at the same time. It makes better arguments. This was the first time I saw a show with everybody on the same “side”. He actually commented on it early in the show. After he had Bill O’Reilly on via satellite.

    Steve (58b572)

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