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A Good Whacking

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Jack Shafer whacks David Shaw. And deservedly so.

I have whacked Shaw once or twice (or thrice) myself. But I am happy to see Shafer pile on. Shaw deserves no less.

UPDATE: More whacking (and a roundup of other whacks) here.

3 Responses to “A Good Whacking”

  1. […] 2; Patterico @ 10:16 pm As I noted the other day, the L.A. Times’s David Shaw recently had a silly article about b […]

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  2. Another clueless rant by the Times.

    Here’s a Trib story about the problematic purchase of the LAT. It warms my heart!

    Patricia (133563)

  3. Lots more Shaw-shanking at PressThink

    Trained Auditor (4d2256)

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