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Property Protected Over Life

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Patterico reader Clinton W. Taylor has this excellent piece on Terri Schiavo. His argument: “we dispose of our property with more care than we are disposing of her life.” It’s very compelling. Go give it a read.

2 Responses to “Property Protected Over Life”

  1. It is insulting that Congress & Bush would fly back to DC on Palm Sunday to pass that stupid one-feeding-tube-for-one-person law; while they actively avoid talking about the millions of criminal migrants running across the border. Something that trashes the hospitals for everyone who isn’t Terri Schivo.

    Ladainian (91b3b2)

  2. Terri Schiavo Links
    Michael Schiavo’s medical witness, Dr. Michael Cranford, advocated starvation of Alzheimer’s patients in a 1997 editorial. Via The Corner. Clinton Taylor thinks Terri Schiavo would have been treated better if she was a used car. Via Patterico. The AB…

    Les Jones (794c81)

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