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“Read” Does Not Mean “Trust”

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I subscribe to the L.A. Times and read it online. According to this guy, that means I trust it.

3 Responses to ““Read” Does Not Mean “Trust””

  1. Reagan: Communists are those who read Marx & Lenin. Anti-communists are those that UNDERSTAND Marx & Lenin.

    Rantblogger: Leftists are those that agree with the LA Times. Anti-idiotarians are those that FISK the LA Times.

    Or, to paraphrase Descartes… Fiskito ergo blog.

    Aaron's Rantblog (5b17cc)

  2. “That show didn’t lose too many viewers even after its anchor, Dan Rather, was caught up in the scandal over 60 Minutes’ questionable preelection report about President Bush’s National Guard service during the Vietnam War.”

    How else to explain this rather bland version of those events (_obvious forgery_), then liberal bias?

    billy-jay (6e752e)

  3. The dumbshit can’t even quote Casey Stengel right. You could look it up!

    Brigadier Kwaku MoBetta
    Ruritanian Militia

    Ruritania Militia Member (86bf57)

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