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Open Thread

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Blogging will be light to nonexistent throughout the weekend. Feel free to keep things interesting in the comments.

9 Responses to “Open Thread”

  1. Dinosaur Blogs – what will it take for them to survive –

    I suggest perma links on web articles! If the LaLa Times actually wants to move to the 21st century, it should make it easy for bloggers.

    How about adding a “Blog This” button, so users can immediatly post!

    nah, its too smart of an idea. Never Happen

    david (bae306)

  2. Just fill out the form before you “contribute” to the discussion, guys.

    Or you can meander up here to Canada and tell me about it over a beer. I think that’s still legal!

    ras (482403)

  3. Mr. Frey,
    As an LA Times critic, I thought you would be interested in an article that appeared in Editor & Publisher, a newspaper trade magazine:

    (I hope that worked.) If you read down, you can see that the Times lost 10.8% of its paid home subscriber readership in a one-year period ending 9/04.
    I’ve been in the news business 32 years, and I’ve never heard of a drop like that.
    You may be aware that an organization called the Audit Bureau of Circuation tries to verify and standardize newspaper circulation figures for advertisers who want to know how much bang they’re getting for their buck. But circ numbers are slippery just like corporate earnings. Several newspapers have had Enron-like scandals in the past year over circ numbers. They are mentioned in the article.
    Analysts at Prudential tried to strip away the BS and find out what has really been been going on.
    Also, note the paragraph that talks about the peculiar aspects of the Times’ circ report.

    Ken Hoover (a52587)

  4. Washington still trying to figure out how to get a 1000x worse rep than Florida 2000. 2600 precincts in King County, the margin of victory is 129 votes, and the ‘illegal votes’ count is somewhere above 1400 now. (1100 non-reinstated felon votes alledged, action against 99 so far, action against 4 foreign nationals, 10ish dead people voted by relatives, a pile of non copos mentos voters, 348 provisionals confirmed to have gone through as normal ballots (skipping the validation process)

    Sorry if I left out 6 or 7 classes of screwups. Entertaining reading though.

    Al (00c56b)

  5. Here’s a couple of posts on our site of interest worth a look:


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    Ron Wright (7154f6)

  6. So, does anyone know why the term piehole means mouth, but cornhole means butt?

    billy-jay (6e752e)

  7. Dear Mr. Frey:

    We’ll try to hold the fort in your absence but you have very large shoes to fill.

    Who will keep up your sharp critique of the LA Times?

    Undoubtedly, other talented writers and observers will emerge from the ether.

    I check back if I have something to add.

    Chris A. (0a8ead)

  8. I don’t know if this is something you’d consider relevant (and forgive me if it isn’t), but remember Jeff Gannon, the Talon News reporter so viciously outted by liberal blogs who claimed he wasn’t a “real” journalist?

    I prove that not only is he a legitimate journalist, but that he probably has better credentials than some of his critics

    Confederate Yankee (77aa06)

  9. The sad fact is reporters and editors at LA Times choose to have lower circulation numbers. They see their ability to affect article content as an opportunity to help out their left-wing friends, at the expense of straight shooting facts. To them, the duty to give good conversation at liberal cocktail parties greatly outweighs the responsibility to the paper, to readers, and to the guys trying to make money at the business.

    Whether you are left-wing or right-wing, it is a waste of 50 cents to read a story that implies school spending is cut, when in fact it is increasing by $2 billion.

    It is just not believable that these guys are smart enough to research, write, and edit these stories, yet don’t see how left-wing the articles are. They just don’t care. Not caring is their incompetence.

    Ladainian (91b3b2)

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