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Bill Introduced to Protect Terri Schiavo

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Florida legislators have introduced the Incapacitated Persons’ Legal Protection Act, which would give Terri Schiavo the same protections enjoyed by inmates on Death Row.

Good idea.

6 Responses to “Bill Introduced to Protect Terri Schiavo”

  1. Patterico alerts us to the Florida legislature’s latest attempt to intercede in the Terry Schiavo
    On one hand, I wish all of her supporters the best of luck. On the other hand, as we encourage them to leave no stone unturned in their quest to keep her alive, it’s guaranteed that there will be ripple effects, many of which we can’t even begin to e…

    ThoughtsOnline (a27d61)

  2. As the countdown continues
    It’s called “The Incapacitated Person’s Legal Protection Act of 2005″, it was introduced by Senator Mel Martinez and Representative David Weldon, both Florida Republicans, and its purposes are as follows:… (5a1bcd)

  3. Gawd, I hope this passes. Maybe then Terry wouldn’t be “aborted” because of her disability.

    DeoDuce (3da704)

  4. Why Greer wants Terri dead
    In spite of affidavits from 33 neurologists, physicians and other experts in the medical field asserting that Terri Schiavo should… (807fbc)

  5. It is in the hands of the courts now. Judges are making the laws on this mater now and they have already said they refuse to be bound by laws pased by elected officials. Like Prop 187 here in Cal.
    Just one more reason to find a spine for Dr. Frist so we can get some judges on the Fed Benches that do think that the American Constitution should be the only basis for American law.

    Rod Stanton (da951e)

  6. As an attorney it shames me when I see justice denied based on political postering instead of factual evidence.

    As a Republican I am angered by name only Republicans whose ambitions for elective power cast aside the principals and values that define and defend the principals that gave birth to our great republic.

    As a citizen I am constently offended by the elite media’s characterizasions that any person who believes in God and has a contrary perspective to the New York Times bias is a radical Christian Conservitive and likely capable of violence.

    I suggest that we all speak out against the tyrany of a Judicial system that has pre-empted legislative process.

    I suggest that we elect better Republicans and hold our representatives to a higher statndard.

    I suggest that we get the real news from sources not afraid to report the truth and continue to disavow the propaganda of socialist and agnostic humanism agenda.

    But most important, pray that the shame that rises from our fall from decency has not corrupted us as a nation nor lead us away from the strength that was endowed to us by our Creator and established in our great Constitution.

    Michael O'Rourke (8ab9fa)

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