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Reasons Ted Rall Is Not Like Hitler

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(To understand this post, you must first read this.)

Hitler never screwed over Danny Hellman.

Hitler was a comparatively talented artist.

Hitler never whined about his e-mail.

Hitler never compared a decent man to Hitler.

5 Responses to “Reasons Ted Rall Is Not Like Hitler”

  1. Looking at the Ted Rall cartoon that sparked this post, I have to wonder: to what office does Rall imagine Adolf Hitler was “democratically elected?”


    Dafydd (df2f54)

  2. Here are two more differences between Hitler and Rall:

    1. When Hitler silenced his critics, he did so overtly rather than resorting to bullshit “copyright” arguments.
    2. Judging by his infamous moustache, we can safely conclude Hitler was capable of growing more than peach fuzz.
    Xrlq (c51d0d)

  3. What an intolerable piece of shit. I don’t know why you guys are responding to this cartoon as if it were making a serious argument. It’s not; it’s just Rall trying to get attention again. But this is over the line, definitely. Scumbag.

    Mike C (2abd62)

  4. Goodbye, L.A. Times
    I’m actually thinking about canceling my subscription to the L.A. Times this morning. Why? Because, as the straw the broke the camel’s back, this morning there’s a Ted Rall comic in the Opinion section. Rall…

    Winds of Change.NET (128088)

  5. that was a brilliant strip and rall had it right.

    hitler did indeed kill his dog during the final days in the bunker.

    otoh, 50 million people died as a result of ww2.

    bush hasn’t killed that many.

    yet. ;->

    Nate (b1268e)

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