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How to Get Around Affirmative Action–Hire Minorities

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Trib–How firm beat city set-aside program

The company’s actions include creating a spinoff concrete firm in the 1980s to win city business reserved exclusively for minority-owned companies. Martin, Richard and James Ozinga–all white men–enlisted the help of two African-American churches in Chicago’s depressed South Side, giving nine church members 51 percent ownership to technically meet the city’s rules.But two of the African-American church members now say the spinoff company was bogus and that minorities had little control of the business. “It was a classic front,” church member Henry Washington says.

When the Ozingas’ business venture with the churchgoers did not work out, the Ozingas replaced them in the early 1990s with an African-American, a Cuban-American and a native of Indonesia.

Because even though the company was majority owned by minorities, and when questions surrounding that control arose, the company explicitly turned over control to minorities, it still wasn’t quite good enough. I think this does a fair job of underscoring the twisted logic that racialist politics results in.

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