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Document Expert Matley Says Thornburgh/Boccardi Report Defamed Him

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Marcel Matley is not happy with the Thornburgh/Boccardi report. (Via

3 Responses to “Document Expert Matley Says Thornburgh/Boccardi Report Defamed Him”

  1. Matley’s demand for retractions is predicate for a lawsuit which would begin a discovery process that c-BS cannot allow. Mr. Matley will soon become a millionaire after agreeing to drop his claims and shutup.

    Old Coot (48c30c)

  2. Matley now claims to be a typography expert!?! Amazing.

    Not only did Mately “authenticate” a signature on a copy of a fax of a copy, which shows at best poor judgement, but he went on 60 Minutes to defend the documents.

    He is only reaping what he sowed.

    Kevin Murphy (6a7945)

  3. Lots of people outside the MSM are not happy with the “Rathergate report.

    Rod Stanton (f1688c)

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