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Sure to Irritate Europeans

Filed under: Humor — AMac @ 8:27 am

The only thing that could make this better is if it were Wal-Mart rather than Costco.

I Think You Should Do This

Filed under: Miscellaneous — AMac @ 7:01 am

Hey Patterico, I think you should give these people a call.

Come on, you know you want to have them edit everything you do to make you look like a jerk, right? And it isn’t as if they’ll make sure you get put into dangerous situations or anything…

Seriously, would you expect anything less than winding up with a shiv to the kidney, after you’ve been made to seem like a total nutjob, when the guy producing it is the man responsible for “Super Size Me”? I didn’t think so.

More Good Links

Filed under: Blogging Matters — Patterico @ 6:23 am

Eugene Volokh catches Harry Reid stating more false facts as Reid continues to attack Clarence Thomas. Reid really appears to be not that bright. His staffers who prep him either aren’t that bright themselves, or they’re very, very frustrated with him for screwing this up time after time.

Mohammed responds to the Sarah Boxer nonsense.

Chrenkoff tallies the bad and good news from Iraq.

And from the “You Probably Already Saw This” Department: Power Line catches ABC with its pants down, trying to exploit dead soldiers for an anti-Bush piece.

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