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Which Example of L.A. Times Bias Has Outraged You the Most?

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I have not been invited by the L.A. Times to bash the L.A. Times in the new “Outside the Tent” column. But one thing is certain: either they’re going to invite me, or I’ll write in this space what I would have written if they had invited me. (Eventually, that is — I’m quite busy these days.)

Towards that end, I’m asking readers to vote in the comments for your own favorite example of L.A. Times bias, as reported on these pages. The best place to look for examples is in my year-end reviews of the newspaper for 2003 and 2004 (in two parts).

I’m also interested in feedback regarding what you think a good theme would be. Some possibilities:

  • A suggestion that the newspaper pay more attention to blogs as a source of information.
  • A general attack on the paper for liberal bias. I think this may be too ambitious for a few hundred words — not to mention too hackneyed.
  • A more focused attack using a theme developed on the web site. Kevin Murphy has suggested the paper’s treatment of conservative judges, or its support for Proposition 66 (something about which I have specialized knowledge).
  • A column about the need to prominently and fairly disclose material facts that go against the story line. As a prosecutor, I must disclose to the defense any exculpatory information, even though it goes against the story line of the defendant’s guilt. One of CBS’s main transgressions was in not disclosing to its viewers information it already had, which cast doubt on the authenticity and content of the forged documents.
  • A suggestion that the paper hire and/or place conservatives in positions of power, to create a diversity of viewpoints within the newsroom.
  • A suggestion that, when the paper makes a fundamental error that undermines the basic point of an article, it should issue a correction that is at least as prominent as the original article itself.

Any other ideas?

Call it another experiment in open-source column-writing.

Quick Links

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On Saturday Night Live, Dan Rather contests the authenticity of his apology:

[I]t now appears that my subsequent on-air apology for that segment, purportedly written by me, was itself almost certainly fraudulent. . . . [E]xperts had pointed out that phrases such as “I accept full responsibility” and “I deeply regret the error” simply do not sound like me.

BoiFromTroy notes that a prominent public figure called the tsunami an “opportunity” for which the public figure was “grateful.” Condi Rice? No — Bill Clinton.

Stefan Sharkansky has a guest piece in the Seattle Times on the Washington gubernatorial election.

Xrlq has a picture and movie of his baby, Baby Xrlq.

Brian O’Connell has a report on a tool to fight comment spam that might actually work.

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