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I have unceremoniously removed the picture. This is not to say it will never come back. Just felt like it.

There may be guest bloggers this weekend. Be kind.

Fooled: One L.A. Times Reader

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Has the L.A. Times fooled its readers with its numerous misleading stories about so-called “cuts” in education in Governor Schwarzenegger’s budget? Let’s ask letter-writer Donald Broder of Studio City:

In all the governor’s rhetoric, one fails to hear even a hint that we have responsibility for each other in a civilized, humane society.

Instead, he speaks only of a “broken system,” broken presumably because we’ve made these “foolish” promises to help our people and now find ourselves short of money. Perhaps we should work harder and pay more in taxes to honor our promises to take responsibility for those less fortunate and our commitments to provide our children with the best education and healthcare. Perhaps Schwarzenegger must go to his corporate sponsors and tell them it’s time to pay the piper. Perhaps we must recognize that if we continue to postpone the day of reckoning with more debt, more cuts in our education and health programs and more misery for our least fortunate fellow citizens, we only hasten the day when the Golden State becomes one of the least desirable places to live in the country.

Donald Broder

Studio City

If you interviewed Donald Broder of Studio City and asked him if he thought education spending is being increased or decreased this year, what do you think he’d say?

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