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Fun Brain Teaser

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Go to Dean’s World and try to answer this brain teaser.

Coincidentally, my father-in-law and I were just discussing this over the Christmas break. We tested the answer by actually performing the test. Using the principles mandated by the correct answer, I got it right five times in a row. Chance this was coincidence: 1 in 243.

I’m with Dean: if you disagree with the answer, let’s play the game — for money. I’ll take you to the cleaners.

Many people in Dean’s comments try to explain this in a way that is simple. I think my explanation is simpler and better than any other that I have seen. First go do the brainteaser, and then come back here and click on the extended entry for my explanation. My explanation makes more sense to me than any other one I’ve read:

Mozilla Firefox Browser

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I am just now becoming familiar with the Firefox browser. My preliminary impression is that it’s very impressive. Not only do I really like the tabbed browsing, but I also love the ability to have it open four separate home pages upon launch.

Plus, my computer having been recently hijacked by adware (again), it seems to do a much better job blocking popups. You can visit the L.A. Times website without having four windows open up at once!

UPDATE: But when I go to my Movable Type editing screen, the little buttons at the top right corner of the box, which make it simple to italicize, bold, underline, and make a hyperlink — are all missing in Firefox. Do I need a plug-in? What’s going on here? This is a real problem.

Also, I wish someone would show me how to navigate around the page using keys. I don’t understand why my Page Down key (and down arrow) don’t work.

Linkfest: Catching Up on My Reading Edition

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Some interesting items that I found while catching up on my blog reading for the past few days:

Déjà Vu Part Deux

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The L.A. Times says that déjà vu is an illusion.

I say it’s not.

Whuhd I Do??

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The L.A. Times hasn’t delivered our paper since January 3.

Was it something I said?

Michael Crichton: Brilliant — and Just Plain Nuts

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So the night before last, I bought Michael Crichton’s State of Fear. (I was grocery shopping and it was 40% off at Ralph’s with a Club Card. I think it cost maybe $11.) I haven’t read it yet, but I’m looking forward to it.

The book has received praise from some libertarians and conservatives (for example here, here, here, here, here, and here) who appear to have embraced Crichton’s skepticism of global warming theory.

I say this as a conservative who is also an environmentalist — just so you know my prejudices. But I’d just like to caution folks not to get too carried away by Crichton’s seeming erudition. Because the man is just a leetle bit nuts.

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