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Media Matters Misrepresenting Something? Say It Ain’t So!

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According to the National Center for Public Policy Research, Staples says it never boycotted Sinclair Broadcasting, and that Media Matters

“misrepresented” the facts about Staples’ advertising policy regarding Sinclair.

Of course, it’s possible that Staples simply realized that it made a mistake, and is simply trying to cover its tracks. But, since Media Matters President David Brock is an admitted liar, Occam’s Razor might suggest that Staples is telling the truth.

However, Staples has some explaining to do regarding the statements made by its spokesman Owen Davis, as quoted in the Washington Post and Los Angeles Times. In light of those quotes, I’m not sure that the simplest explanation really is that Staples is telling the truth after all.

The Power of the Jump™: Déjà Vu on Education Cuts

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(Note: “The Power of the Jump”™ is a semi-regular feature of this site, documenting examples of the Los Angeles Times’s use of its back pages to hide information that its editors don’t want you to see.)

If you have any lingering doubts as to whether there is a systemic pattern of liberal distortion at the L.A. Times, let me put those doubts to rest right now.

All you need to do is compare this year’s story on Governor Schwarzenegger’s proposed education spending to last year’s story on the same topic. The same distortions are employed in exactly the same way. It is impossible to believe that this occurred by accident.

Just a Thought

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This is for all of you conservatives out there who’ve decided to blindly defend Gonzales for the AG’s position.

If the Democrats manage to nuke him from the DOJ, he will never, ever be a Justice on the Supreme Court.

That’s why, unlike all the fools at places like The Corner, I wish the Democrats luck in destroying his nomination.

Thursday Linkfest

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Plenty of good links; not much to say about them. Sounds like a recipe for a linkfest:

Unable to shoot the mainstream media messenger, Brian O’Connell settles for skewering him, with this incisive post about the media’s use of subordinate clauses for purposes of insinuation.

Jim Geraghty says the Rather report may be coming out Friday. (Via

Davids Medienkritik expounds on his theory that “much of the anti-Americanism that can be found in the German media is the result of the deliberate and collective efforts of a special group of activists: the German correspondents in the U.S.”

Barcepundit destroys the myth that the Spanish government has made one of the biggest pledges to tsunami relief.

Sneakeasy’s Joint is changing its name, but not really.

The Spear Shaker has the report on Arnold going nuclear. I heard the speech, and it was good. I’ll blog it when I find a transcript.

Commonwealth Conservative has an in-depth preview of the 2005 Virginia governor’s race, from his perspective as an elected official in Virginia.

UPDATE: And even more links:

The L.A. Times writes about a blind photographer. Armed Liberal knows him.

Carpe Bonum adds to the Social Security reform debate, in three posts (here, here, and here).

Take a look at Selected Pete’s Fahrenhype 9/11 project.

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