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L.A. Times Launches Campaign Against Justice Thomas

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Yesterday, the Los Angeles Times editorialized about Justice Thomas and his acceptance of gifts while serving as a Supreme Court Justice. The editors couldn’t even get past the first sentence without saying something that isn’t true:

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas insists that because he reported the sometimes lavish gifts he has received over the years, he should be off the hook.

No, he hasn’t. He hasn’t said a word about the gifts. As the Times‘s own news article on the topic reported:

Thomas, through a court spokeswoman, declined to comment when asked in writing why he deemed it appropriate to accept some of the larger gifts.

Why does the Times feel the need to start with a misstatement of fact right off the bat?

I don’t know for sure — but consider the context.

Minneapolis Star-Tribune Editors on How to Defame People

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According to the editors at the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, it’s cool for me to say: “Bespectacled columnists for the Minneapolis Star-Tribune are so hip and cool they can make fun of bloggers in between sessions of diddling young boys” — as long as I don’t mention any particular columnist by name. At least that’s how I read this.

Upcoming Posts

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I’ll have something later today on yesterday’s L.A. Times editorial about Justice Thomas.

Also, in the next few days I’ll print an e-mail I received from someone who was interviewed by some L.A. Times reporters recently, and is none too happy about the experience.

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