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Dick Morris Approves of Judicial Filibusters (Among Other Things)

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Dick Morris says trying to prevent judicial filibusters is a bad idea.

Toe-sucking, by contrast . . .

Proof That Some People Will Believe Anything

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Heh. Some guy says that the L.A. Times is a conservative paper.

Of course, that guy is a professor at Harvard. Which explains a lot.

Ali Solves the Mystery

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Let the speculation end. Ali, aka Free Iraqi (formerly Liberal Iraqi), offers this explanation for his puzzling last post at Iraq the Model. (Via Instapundit.)

In essence, it appears that he had some real concerns for his and his brothers’ safety. He can hardly be blamed for that.


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I recently contacted the Power Line folks seeking a link for my L.A. Times Year in Review in two parts. I reasoned that, while I had received some great links from some of the best bloggers, I was hoping to get the articles read by Lynne Cheney, who has said she is a regular Power Line reader. (She also said she reads Hugh Hewitt and Instapundit, but I was looking to maximize my chances.)

In an update to his post, Big Trunk confirms the wisdom of my decision to nag the Power Line guys about this. Big Trunk reports receiving an e-mail from Michael Ledeen saying:

Okay, just to start the New Year off well, tell Patterico that I will print out his [Los Angeles Times Year in Review] articles and hand deliver them to Mrs. Cheney since she works down the hall from me…

Excellent. That is indeed a nice start to the New Year. Thanks to Michael Ledeen and to the slavering right-wing hacks at Power Line. And I hope you refilled your paper tray before clicking on the “print” button, Michael.

P.S. Mrs. Cheney: I can be reached at patterico -AT- patterico -DOT- com. (Hey, I’m not expecting her to write me — but I wasn’t expecting my posts to be hand-delivered to her by Michael Ledeen either.)

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