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Mullahs Torturing Bloggers

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Armed Liberal reports that the mullahs in Iran are torturing bloggers as a way to silence them. The spread of blogs in places like Iran is currently one of the most important developments in the world. Armed Liberal says that we need to focus high-level international attention on this problem. I agree. Spread the word.

3 Responses to “Mullahs Torturing Bloggers”

  1. Derakshan reported something similar months ago, yet my email contacts in Iran said it wasn’t true. I’ll see what they say….

    jeff (67ae8e)

  2. apparently this one is written by the former vice president who is now an advisor to the president and member of a committee that investigated the matter. The news is published on his personal weblog. See the link.

    Maryon (f8ee45)

  3. Abtahi’s blog was hacked for revealing torture details
    {Refs: 2nd & 1st} The website of Iran’s ex Vice President (currently advisor to the President and a government committee member) is up and running again on after it was hacked last week for the second time. He says…

    Persian Students in the UK (87883f)

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