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Birth control pills don’t work as well on fat women.

And I wondered why they always seemed to be the ones with twenty kids.

4 Responses to “NOOOOOOOO!”

  1. Dude, that was the weirdest bug ever. Your entry displayed properly, but any attempt to follow the Permalink or post a comment went to 002355.php instead of this here file, which is 003255.php. I rebuilt the entry, and it appears to be fixed now.

    Xrlq (6d213c)

  2. Gee, ya think they’ll finally figure out that the same dosage doesn’t work for all women? Nah…..

    beautymrgn (7d6f35)

  3. Of course, you must take into effect that many overweight women have trouble conceiving. For many, the excess weight messes with their fertility (some women are unable to get pregnant until they lose weight, or upon losing weight, get pregnant w/o using any fertility drugs when before it had been impossible.)

    Carin (4ece9f)

  4. Fat Women Have More Kids While On The Pill
    We have some disturbing news coming into our offices here at The Realm today. It seems that recent research has found that women that are obese are more likely to get pregnant while on the pill and therefore have obese…

    Diggers Realm (7e5830)

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