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L.A. Times Runs Story on Omar and Mohammed

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The L.A. Times finally printed a story about Omar and Mohammed of Iraq the Model. The story doesn’t focus exclusively on them, but discusses other Iraqi blogs as well — and, naturally, takes care to point out how far out of the mainstream of Iraqi opinion the Iraq the Model blog supposedly is.

But the [Iraq the Model] blog has also drawn sharp scrutiny for its unabashedly pro-U.S. stance, which places it in contrast to other Iraqi blogs and polls of Iraqi people. Some U.S. bloggers have even tagged the brothers “propagandists” — which they vehemently deny.

“At the beginning, they said, ‘You are not Iraqis living in Iraq. Now they say we are recruited by the CIA,” Omar lamented at a recent gathering at the Hollywood Hills home of U.S. blogger Roger L. Simon. “Maybe we are CIA agents and we don’t know,” his brother joked.

Funny: the anti-U.S. blogs are not described as having received any “sharp scrutiny.” Nor does this article provide any. Par for the course.

4 Responses to “L.A. Times Runs Story on Omar and Mohammed”

  1. The brothers have been a source of information that is not available in the MSM. They provide bad news along with the good. Their “problem” seems to be that they still have hope that their nation can be self governed and are willing to work toward that goal. I guess the “blame Bush and America for all the ills of this world group” would prefer them to be without any hope.

    Pat in NC (44316e)

  2. LA Times has an interesting technique of rumor acceleration, by using the anonymous “they”. Way more than they should, LA Times uses “many people think”, “some say”, “some people accuse …”.

    The CIA rumor is based entirely on being set up by a stupidly named company. (See whois on LA Times knows this, but it makes a better story to play dumb and publish Omar denying the accusation.

    Ladainian (91b3b2)

  3. Pat, that whole meme about Omar, Mohammed, and the no-longer-blogging Ali of Iraq the Model being paid agents of the United States came originally from a foolish and thuggish blog aptly named Martini Republic. But the charge was far more sinister than most folks seem to realize.

    The main blogger on this charge at Martini Republic, Joseph Mailander, simply cannot be so dense as not to realize what it might mean to Sunni Iraqis living in Baghdad if their neighbors started to think they were paid agents of the CIA, or even the “490th Army Civil Reserve Unit,” as Mailander specifically claimed.

    Simply put, I suspect Mr. Mailander, and perhaps the entire team over at Martini Republic — not to mention “Professor” Juan Cole of Informed [sic] Comment, who hyped the charges and added to them — were hoping that one or more of the brothers would be murdered, or that the blogsite would be bombed off the internet. The liberal bloggers display in other posts the complete disregard for Iraqi life that is typical of liberals across America; why would they feel anything but giddy glee if three problematical “neocon” Iraqi bloggers were slain?

    In my opinion, we’ve all dipped a toe into the true, vicious, dark side of the Left, which has historically seen violence, riot, and murder as legitimate tools to advance its lamentable cause. In this case, the bloody reach of Mailander and Cole far exceeds their rather pathetic grasp, and nobody in Iraq appears to be buying what Martini Republic and Informed Comment are selling.

    But someday, perhaps, they will concoct a charge in a believable enough way that they will get some “enemy” of theirs butchered. And they will wave the bloody scalp and dance about in joyous abandon. Considering what fire they play with, it’s virtually inevitable.


    Dafydd (df2f54)

  4. ‘Par for the course.’

    I thought contrasting the unspecified attacks against the specific retort camee out rather well for the bloggers.

    actus (b9c382)

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