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Bush Will Renominate 20 Judges

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The Washington Post reports here that Bush intends to renominate 20 judges, including Priscilla Richman Owen (that’s “Priscilla,” L.A. Times — not “Patricia”), Janice Rogers Brown, and William H. Pryor.

Good for him. And good for Bill Frist. Bush wouldn’t have made a move like this without assurances from Frist that these nominees will get the full support of Senate Republicans. This is the clearest signal yet that the Senate is prepared to do what it takes to break the Democrats’ filibusters of Bush’s judicial nominees. (Sen. Frist might want to remind Sen. Specter not to get in the way, as Sen. Specter’s comments in the article are not helpful.)

I’ll take this opportunity to remind Republican Senators and President Bush of two ideas that you read about here first. First, try conventional warfare before employing the nuclear option. Second, it’s time to talk Miguel Estrada into throwing his hat into the ring again — maybe this time for the Supreme Court.

(WaPo link via James Joyner.)

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