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Dean Esmay’s Surprising Post on Ebonics

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Dean Esmay has a fascinating post that makes a surprising but compelling case that: 1) Ebonics is really a language (or, at a minimum, a valid non-standard dialect); and 2) the refusal to recognize it as such retards black children’s ability to learn standard English.

Dean argues that the Oakland, CA school board that instituted a program to recognize Ebonics did exactly the right thing.

I never would have paid attention to such a post if it had come from a Kos or an Atrios. But Dean is not a lunatic. He is one of the smarter folks in the blogosphere. So before you get beside yourself with outrage, go read his post. It’s pretty convincing.

UPDATE: I was rather hoping we’d hear from Xrlq on this issue, since he has expertise in linguistics, and therefore (according to Dean) should agree with Dean’s post. Does he? Well, perhaps (in part) and definitely not (in part). Read it yourself to see where he agrees and where he doesn’t.

Pejman Mentioned in “Day by Day” Cartoon

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I may have beaten Pejman in the 2004 Weblog Awards, but I think this is a bigger honor.

More Liberal Bias on the Supreme Court’s Role in the 2000 Election

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USS Neverdock catches the AP claiming that “the Supreme Court awarded [George W. Bush] the presidency.”

Reminds me of when the L.A. Times said substantially the same thing.

Just another example of Big Media pushing a leftist view of the 2000 election as fact.

UPDATE: PrestoPundit had this observation first.

UPDATE x2: argues that the bias belongs to the Managing Editor of Time, rather than the AP. This is certainly a possible interpretation — though it is not the only reasonable one,’s opinion notwithstanding.

Someone’s showing their bias here. The only question is who.

Nice L.A. Times Piece on Maxine Waters

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The L.A. Times had an excellent piece yesterday that reported:

U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters’ family members have made more than $1 million in the last eight years by doing business with companies, candidates and causes that the influential congresswoman has helped.

This has been going on for quite some time, of course, with little discussion in the Times that I can recall. My impression is that the gloves came off during the paper’s fine series on King/Drew hospital, which hit Waters pretty hard for her cynical role in covering up the mess at that institution. This is a good follow-up.

Teaser for the Upcoming “Dog Trainer Year in Review” Feature

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David Shaw writes in the L.A. Times:

When I sat down last year to consider journalism’s worst moments of 2003, I could easily have limited my list to transgressions committed by the New York Times in the preceding 12 months.

How ironic. I am sitting down this year to consider a list of bad journalistic moments in 2004 — and I will be limiting my list to transgressions committed by Shaw’s paper, the Los Angeles Times. It was great fun last year — but there’s much more material this year.

Shaw gives one solitary example of poor journalism by the L.A. Times. I’ve got that one — and a few dozen more.

Coming December 31.

Blogs in Iran

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Access to information is a prerequisite for true freedom. Through blogs, it’s happening in Iran. Captain Ed has the story.

Patterico: Smaller Star

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Thanks to LaShawn Barber for including me in her National Review Online article about the “smaller stars” of the blogosphere. If you check out the other folks who made her piece, including Beldar and Tom Maguire, you’ll see that it’s a nice constellation to be a part of.

Stories the L.A. Times Thinks Are More Important than the Interview with Omar and Mohammed

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Since there is still no interview with Omar and Mohammed in the L.A. Times, even though the interview was done, I thought I’d take a look at the stories they did find room for today:

  • A Game Paddling Against the Tide. It’s a story about democratic principles; specifically, about the “democratic, iconoclastic nature” of table tennis.

    “I love the democratic aspect of it,” said Fran Guidry, a 58-year-old self-described “retired computer nerd” from Walnut Creek in Northern California.

    Yup — when it comes to running important stories about democracy, the L.A. Times is on the job!

  • Women Reach Out After Doing Time. The sub-head captures the story’s critical importance: “Former prisoners offer support and relish their freedom as they celebrate the holidays with plenty of ‘girl stuff.'”
      and last, but certainly not least:
  • A Child Is at Heart of Blake Case. Because a murder trial about a celebrity — even a washed-up non-celebrity like Robert Blake — must be covered at every critical stage. This is, after all, Southern California.

But an interview with two men who are risking their lives to spread a message of hope, democracy, and freedom in war-torn Iraq? Feh. Sorry: we don’t have the space.

UPDATE: Via Ruth H. in the comments, we learn that the Washington Post‘s Howard Kurtz has done a nice piece on the brothers. It’s good to see that one news outlet thinks this is a story that its readers should know about. (Would it kill them to provide a link to the brothers’ blog?)

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