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Michael Kinsley on Blogs

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Michael Kinsley on the phenomenon of blogging. (Link courtesy of reader L. Barnes.) It’s not completely the usual “I’m better than you” rot. The theme: Kinsley proposes a topic for discussion in the blogosphere and is surprised by the quality of responses. Why, it’s almost as if people outside the media could have something worthwhile to say!

Will this be the beginning of a new respect for blogs at the L.A. Times? Will they finally start to assign people to read blogs as another way of staying current (something I have been trying to get them to do for months)?

Only time will tell. But this column seems to be a positive step.

Calling Guest Posters

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I have the rest of the year off, and may be posting less frequently. SoCalLawyer and Xrlq are encouraged to guest post for the next couple of weeks, and the Angry Clam is encouraged to ramp up his production as well.

I may give out a couple more slots. Write me if you’re interested.

Know Your Neighbors

Filed under: Scum — AMac @ 12:03 pm

The California Megan’s Law sex offender registry is now online.

Go see if your neighbors are registered sex offenders, but remember, you can be subject to civil and criminal penalties if you use this information to harass these people, so don’t act like a Kerry supporter when they see a car with a Bush sticker on it, ok?

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