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AP Issues Correction of Guinier Error; LAT Still Silent

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I learned through Eugene Volokh that the AP has issued the following correction on the mistake it made about the reasons for the withdrawal of Lani Guinier’s nomination:

In a Dec. 10 brief and story about Bernard Kerik’s withdrawal as homeland security secretary-designate, The Associated Press reported erroneously that Lani Guinier, who was President Clinton’s choice to head the Justice Department’s civil rights division in 1993, had not paid taxes for a domestic worker. A spokesman for her at Harvard Law School said there was no such problem, and the White House never indicated that there was. Clinton said he withdrew her nomination because of her legal writings on racial issues. The same incorrect reference to Guinier and unpaid taxes on a domestic worker was in a 1995 AP item about Clinton choices who had problems in the confirmation process.

Nothing yet in the L.A. Times, even though I wrote them about this two days ago. They seem to be pretty slow getting out even the inarguable corrections.

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