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Omar and Mohammed on the Radio

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Somehow I missed this: Omar and Mohammed on the radio. Click on this link and scroll to the bottom. (Via Jeff Jarvis.) If you didn’t meet them, at least you can listen to them.

Will the L.A. Times Print the Interview with Omar and Mohammed?

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Jeff Jarvis said the interview was scheduled to happen.

Lydia said it did happen.


Is the Times ever going to run it?

Dafydd ab Hugh on Juan Cole and Joseph Mailander

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Patterico favorite Dafydd ab Hugh has a takedown of Juan Cole and Joseph Mailander’s wacky theory that Iraq the Model is a CIA project. You can read it here.

This is Hilarious

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This is really just good fun, especially for L.A. residents. If you don’t mind profanity.

Kevin Roderick at L.A. Observed reports on a great audio clip of an argument between Paul Moyer and Ann Martin, two local anchors, from when they worked together on Channel 7.

The clip is contained on another site, but I’m not linking it directly, because when you go to that site, there is a picture of a naked guy in all his porcine glory. I really have no idea why that picture is there, and I don’t want to know. But I do know I’m not linking to it.

So, you have to be prepared to scroll past that, and then click on an audio link that will have profanity. But I guarantee you, if you are brave enough to do that, some hilarity awaits.

(If you’d rather not look at the guy’s schlong, but you don’t mind profanity, Kevin Roderick has a partial transcript. But I’m warning you: I think all the transcript will do is whet your appetite for the audio.)

Weblogs Awards Results

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Thanks to everyone who voted for Patterico in the 2004 Weblog Awards. With your help, I narrowly beat out some tough competititon in the form of one Michael Totten.

It looked like he was winning that last day, but it turns out that one or two buffoons had cheated in the voting and voted for him more than 280 times in one day. (Not Michael’s fault, of course.) Once that particular bit of ballot-stuffing was reversed, it turned out that I had pulled ahead by a comfortable margin in the last day — most likely due to some guerilla campaigning that Michael was too classy to engage in.

Michael has a great site and I encourage everyone to check it out.

Some other great blogs also participated, and should be on your regular reading list, including Meryl Yourish (who set the tone for the campaign — I blame her!), Pejmanesque, Xrlq (who selflessly threw his support my way — thanks, X!), Blogosferics (now at a new address!), and other great blogs. It’s an honor just being mentioned in the same breath as these folks. I made some new friends and had a great time. I’ll probably never do it again.

Also, Oh, That Liberal Media, a media bias blog to which I contribute, appears to have won by an extremely narrow margin in its category. (Yes, Meryl, I’m an “award hog.”) Thanks to all who voted in that contest as well.

P.S. Now that I have won, it’s safe to set the record straight: Michael Totten doesn’t really win women’s underwear. As far as I know.

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