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L.A. Times Botches History of Lani Guinier Nomination

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In a story about Bernard Kerik’s withdrawal two days ago, the L.A. Times ran an AP article that claimed:

Lani Guinier, a Clinton classmate at Yale University Law School, was the president’s choice to head the Justice Department’s civil rights division until it was learned that she had not paid taxes for a domestic worker.

That’s not the way I remember it, and neither does the Washington Post, which issued this correction today:

A Dec. 12 article incorrectly said that Lani Guinier’s nomination to head the Justice Department’s civil rights division under President Bill Clinton was withdrawn because of a “nanny problem.” There was no such problem, and the Clinton White House withdrew the nomination because of controversy over Guinier’s legal writings.

You guessed it: it’s another e-mail to the Readers’ Rep.

This is getting to be a full-time job . . .

(Thanks to the Volokh Conspiracy for the pointer to the WaPo correction.)

UPDATE 12-17-04: Upon reflection, the title of this post should probably have pointed the finger at the AP rather than the LAT, which simply reprinted an AP story. But the LAT is not earning any awards for swift corrections. Still nothing as of today.

Ali Busts Some Fools

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Ali busts some fools at Iraq the Model.

I’m not going to link to the idiots who are the targets of Ali’s wrath, but I do have two points to make about the Martini people:

1) One of them, Joseph Mailander, very publicly claimed that Iraq the Model is an “obvious Langley-intern project.” (Click here and scroll to joseph at July 6, 2004 06:32 PM.) Omar and Mohammed’s tour refutes that and is an embarrassment to Mailander. So he has to say something nasty about the tour.

2) Truth means nothing to these guys. Mailander insinuated a lie about me once — saying I am a “chronic barflunker” when in fact I passed the bar on the first try. He had no basis whatsoever to say this; it was just something to say. It didn’t matter to him that it wasn’t true.

So Ali, my advice: I wouldn’t dignify these fools with any further links.

The only difference between these guys and a blood-sucking tick is that you can’t ignore the tick.

UPDATE: In an earlier version of this post, I stated that it was Martini blogger Alex, not Martini blogger Joseph Mailander, who had told the lie about me. This was an error which I corrected as soon as Xrlq, in the comments, pointed it out. The fact that it was Joseph only makes my point even more strongly.

I tried to issue corrections through a series of updates, but I finally decided that it would be clearer to simply rewrite the post to make it crystal clear who told the lie about me. My apologies to Alex for the mistake. Make no mistake, however: Alex is a despicable human being who has defended Joseph’s lie. I see little difference between the two of them.

The Good News for Scott Peterson

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You wouldn’t think there’d be any, but Xrlq has it.

Curtains Drawn on the Third Floor

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The other day I told you about the first substantive post from “View From the 3rd Floor,” the new L.A. Times “insider” blog.

I guess it struck a nerve, because the entire blog now appears to be history.

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