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Dog Trainer Fumbles Again; PrestoPundit Recovers

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PrestoPundit has a nice catch. The L.A. Times complained today about Republicans’ conditioning passage of the intelligence bill on provisions that would deny driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. But the Times never mentioned that most of the 9/11 terrorists had been issued driver’s licenses or ID cards, which facilitated their ability to carry out their plot.

First Post from Purported L.A. Times Insider Blog

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Yesterday I mentioned the existence of a new purported L.A. Times “insider” blog, called “View From the 3rd Floor.” I was afraid that it was going to be largely about petty things, like how bad the cafeteria food sucks, and that sort of “insider” nonsense that nobody cares about. But if the blog’s first substantive post is any indication, this is going to be a fun blog to follow:

Almost every day around 7 p.m., the main editors at the paper turn the in-house satellite to the NY Times channel, so they can see what is going to be on the front page of the NY Times the next day. And believe me, they panic and sweat, worried the NY Times will have scooped us on something. And if the guys in New York have something on Page 1 that we have on Page 3, look out, because we are going to make some changes.

Of course, it never occurs to them that if they want to find out what is going to be on the NY Times Page 1 the next day, they could find out about two hours earlier than they do now just by doing a simple Internet search.

Then again, they could have some self-confidence and resolve. Sure check out what the NY Times has, but have confidence the decisions we have made are correct. Don’t run around like a flock of chickens if they have something different. The panic and lack of real confidence in our own product spreads throughout the newsroom in small but significant ways. We look like we consider ourselves inferior every time we do this. But in our haste to copy New York, that fact gets overlooked.

Of course, we have no way of knowing whether this blog is for real or not. But it sure does ring true. The papers’ editors clearly lack familiarity with the internet, and have an obvious obsession with keeping up with the East Coast papers. It’s too soon to say for sure, but this thing may be for real.

Stay tuned.

Vote for OTLM

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It’s not looking good for me. But “Oh, That Liberal Media” is ahead but losing ground. Only .3% separates OTLM from its nearest opponent. If you have already voted for me, go to vote for OTLM, here. Less than one hour to go!

Crunch Time

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It’s neck and neck! Maybe a dozen votes separate us! I need your vote!

Vote for Me and Thanks to Captain Ed

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Today is the last day of voting in the Weblog Awards. I am behind by fewer than 40 votes out of over 7300 cast. You can vote for me here.

I’d like to thank Captain Ed for today’s endorsement. Given the Captain’s large readership, and the narrow margin by which I am behind, his endorsement could make the difference.

I think every blogger who criticizes politicians should enter a Weblog Awards race like this. It shows you first-hand just how easy it is to descend into tactics like whispering campaigns, begging for votes, bribery, side deals, and other demeaning (if legal) attempts to affect the outcome.

Tomorrow, regardless of the outcome, regular blogging resumes. (Actually, regular blogging has pretty much continued just as it would have without the contest — but beginning tomorrow, said blogging won’t be interrupted by the annoying posts asking for votes. Aren’t you relieved. Me too.)

UPDATE: I am pleased to endorse Little Green Footballs in these waning hours. Vote here. Power Line is also a great blog, but LGF gets the nod. (It doesn’t hurt that the folks at LGF are really helping me out, and one back scratches another. Hey, politics ain’t beanbag.)

L.A. Times Pretends to Know That Man Killed Nobody

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The L.A. Times runs another story on Tom Goldstein, a man whose conviction for murder was overturned due to questions about the evidence. Although no other suspect has ever been identified, and Goldstein has not been proved innocent, the Times repeatedly insists that Goldstein didn’t commit the murder.


Tim Blair Has Moved

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Tim Blair has moved to a new address. Adjust your bookmarks accordingly.

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