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Cornyn’s Unpublished Letters About Filibusters

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Has Senator John Cornyn (or his staffers) been reading Patterico?

Stuart Buck reports:

Two major newspapers have recently published editorials in favor of the filibuster, as used against Bush’s judicial nominees. Senator John Cornyn has written letters in response to each one. Neither paper published the letters. Nor has anyone else published them, to my knowledge.

Buck has the text of the letters on his site. One of the letters responds to a recent L.A. Times op-ed by Erwin Chemerinsky and Michael Gerhardt. Cornyn’s letter says, in part:

Professor Chemerinsky has previously written that the filibuster rules can be changed by a majority vote — the very tactic that he now derides as a “nuclear” option. In a 1997 Stanford Law Review article, the professor wrote that the filibuster rule “is unconstitutional,” and that “a majority of this Senate could eliminate the filibuster if a majority wished to do so.”

Does that sound familiar?

L.A. Times to Run Fake Turkey Correction

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The L.A. Times will be correcting the item about the fake turkey in the next day or two.

Diet Not Working? I’ve Got the Perfect Solution

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Try being an astronaut on the International Space Station.

Pickering’s Remarks

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Orin Kerr says that Charles Pickering’s remarks upon his retirement were “lame.”

I completely disagree. I think Pickering’s remarks were entirely appropriate. But read them yourself and make your own judgment.

Please Vote

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Please remember to vote for Patterico. I’m only .03% behind now. 18 votes will put me ahead!

Thanks to Xrlq for throwing his support my way. That has been an important factor in my closing the gap.

I should note that there was a time yesterday when I was actually leading.

We can do this here thing, folks. I just need you to be motivated.

Patterico Mentioned on Pundit Review Radio

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This blog was mentioned on Pundit Review Radio. Click on the link to listen. Pretty cool.

Gillmor Leaving Mercury News

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Dan Gillmor is leaving the San Jose Mercury News to pursue a citizen journalism project.

I wish him luck. He is a visionary and I’m sure his project will be a success.

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