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Vote for Me, Plus Bribery Update

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Vote for me, then vote for Oh, That Liberal Media — and then return to peruse the rest of this post.

Spirit of America Function

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I hope all supporters of Spirit of America are planning to attend Monday’s event in Santa Monica. It’s a chance to meet Mohammed and Omar Ali from Iraq the Model. You won’t want to miss it.

UPDATE: Correction noted by Power Line, via Iraq the Model: Ali is not the brothers’ last name. It is Fadhil.

Ali says that he doesn’t know where the mistake began, but I have an idea; my invitation to the Spirit of America function listed them as “Mohammed and Omar Ali.”

Criticizing the Los Angeles Dog Trainer Times

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Thanks to Hugh Hewitt for his kind words about this blog in his WorldNetDaily column.

For any new readers coming from Hugh’s column: if you are interested in media bias issues, I hope you will bookmark my site. I make it a primary mission of this blog to keep an eye on the Los Angeles Dog Trainer, which some people call the Los Angeles Times. My posts about the paper’s slanted coverage are collected here. Every year, I do a year-end review of the paper’s performance. Tune in around December 31; this year will be a doozy.

The Onion on Supreme Court Obsession

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I never got this lecture, but maybe I should have. (Via Howard Bashman.)

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