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It Was Easy to Find a Category for This Post

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You can’t fire me! My term expired yesterday! I quit!

Award Update: Michael Totten=Whiner; Bribery Offer Accepted

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It’s getting ugly. Michael Totten has widened the gap again in the Wizbang awards, due to some moaning and griping about how he went to Libya and I didn’t; ergo, his blog is better. Sorry, Michael, not everyone can afford to go shake Moammar’s hand. Those of us who don’t wear women’s undergarments have to hold down a real job!

Don’t let such whining carry the day. When is the last time you saw Michael Totten take down the L.A. Times? Did Michael Totten lift a finger to oppose Proposition 66? What has Michael Totten done to help insure that we have a judiciary that won’t bend the constitution to their personal preferences? And when is the last time Michael Totten bought you a free book?

The choice is obvious: vote for me now. And tomorrow, and the next day, and the next . . .

On the bribery front:

Pajama Pundits accepted my offer of bribery. I am on their blogroll, and they endorsed me to their readers.

I am a man of my word. I added the Pajama Pundits to the blogroll. I also voted for Pajama Pundits, and you should too. It’s a close race, and they’re slightly behind, so your vote can really make a difference. Keep voting for them every day. I know I will.

And don’t forget to cast your vote for Oh, That Liberal Media, in what is proving to be a very tight race.

L.A. Times Pushes Yet Another Urban Legend: The “Fake Turkey” Myth

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The L.A. Times must have a soft spot for urban legends, because they sure do repeat a lot of ’em. At least, when the urban legends in question favor a liberal viewpoint . . .

The latest example came in a December 5 piece, which opened with this:

We all figured some of it was fake: Joe Millionaire’s slurping make-out noises, the depth of the relationship between Brigitte Nielsen and Flavor Flav, Jessica Simpson’s breasts. And “reality” was always a misnomer for shows that involve Donald Trump or people on desert islands. But these shows purporting to be unadulterated documentaries are unreal in a more obvious way: They are secretly crafted in advance by writers. And I’ve got the entertainment equivalent of the Pentagon Papers to prove it. Maybe more like the equivalent of the photo with President Bush holding the fake Thanksgiving turkey in Iraq, but still, they are definitely papers.

One small problem: the turkey wasn’t fake.

Like a guy who enjoys beating his head against the wall, I’ve written another e-mail to Jamie Gold. We’ll see if the response is any more detailed than the last.

(Hat tip to fake turkey zealot Tim Blair, who got it from Andrew at the Bear Flag League’s own Pathetic Earthlings.)

L.A. Times Refuses to Correct Two Statements of an Urban Legend

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Regular readers will recall that, last month, the L.A. Times ran an editorial and a letter to the editor falsely claiming that someone is serving 25-to-life under the Three Strikes law for stealing pizza. After badgering the “Readers’ Representative” for a correction, I’ve gotten a response, which I will summarize as: “No, we won’t issue a correction. Why? Because we said so.”

Blogiversary: Xrlq

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Please congratulate Xrlq on two years of excellent blogging.

Spammed by a Web Hosting Provider

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Now I’ve seen everything. I received comment spam from a web hosting provider. The company’s name is the fifth and sixth letters of the alphabet, then the word extra, dot net. No, I’m not linking them.

I suppose it’s possible that some competitor of theirs is doing this to make them look bad. If so, it’s working.

An Offer You Can’t Refuse

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Meryl Yourish has been getting too close to me in this online poll — and I can tell she’s the type who would get smug if she passed me. We can’t let that happen. Please vote for me now, at this link.

My whisper campaign against Michael Totten appears to be working, but we must do better. The road to victory has been pointed out by the traitorous Baldilocks: bribery.

Meryl is also stooping to bribery, so I must stoop lower still. I gotta fight fire with fire here.

Anyone with a blog who is not directly competing against me or Oh, That Liberal Media can leave a comment saying that 1) they have voted for me today, and 2) they have urged their readers to vote for me. If you do this, I will 1) vote for you and 2) urge my readers to vote for you.

First come first served.

Any other creative bribery ideas? Leave them in the comments!

P.S. Alert reader Hank K. — your comments are not welcome on this post. I know what you’re going to say and it’s bad karma, baby.

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