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Compete the Analogy: Dan Gillmor’s Attitude towards Microsoft Is Like Patterico’s Attitude Towards . . .

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Dan Gillmor, who is often justly critical of Microsoft, is giving a talk there tomorrow. As a result, some folks asked him whether he had reached a truce with the company. In response, Gillmor had this to say about the company and its employees:

Microsoft is loaded with smart, hard-working and ethical people (I’d list the folks at MSR in that category). My issues are with some of the folks who steer the larger enterprise and some of their more ardent acolytes. There’s a distinction, and it’s always useful to remember it.

Substitute “Los Angeles Times” for “Microsoft” and you have a perfect encapsulation of my attitude towards my hometown paper and the people who work for it.

Kevin Murphy Reviews Hewitt’s Book

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Kevin Murphy claims that I “badgered” him into posting a review of Hugh Hewitt’s book. Well, if I did, then I’m glad I did. It’s an excellent review.

Erwin Chemerinsky on Filibusters: Then and Now

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Erwin Chemerinsky (together with William and Mary law professor Michael Gerhardt) has an op-ed in yesterday’s L.A. Times opposing the “nuclear option” to end judicial filibusters. A review of Chemerinsky’s record reveals that Chemerinsky’s view of filibusters has radically changed since 1997, when Bill Clinton was President.

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