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Wage Peace

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Thailand tries to do this literally, and fails.

3 Responses to “Wage Peace”

  1. “In my mind I can imagine a world without war, a world at peace. I can see us attacking that world, because they’d never expect it.” —Jack Handey

    tom van dyke (a9eb8b)

  2. PM Thaksin does not have a clue about the problems in the South of Thailand. For the longest time he refused to call those causing all the bloodshed what they are, terrorists, now he thinks paper birds will solve the mess. Niether will money, which is the way he usually buys his way out of trouble.


    Gerald Williams (c8db9b)

  3. Right: no clue; no ideas; no policy. Scary.

    This is a dangerous time for Bangkok, because of four circumstances: first, this is the cool season here, and the tourists, who are vital to the Thai economy, show up now. Second, debt is high among the poor, thanks to the government’s urging, so Thailand badly needs a nice influx of hard currencies to cover what will be a lot of NPL’s. Third, over the past two or three years, many tons of gelignite and other high explosives have been stolen from quarries and construction sites in the south, and never recovered. Fourth, security in the capital is not in evidence, and there are many attractive targets; bomb one of them, and you could easily kill upwards of 300 people, injure hundreds more. That would end the tourist season, wreak economic devastation on Thailand, possibly destabilize the nation politically….

    There is at least one Islamofascist “religious leader” in the south who has said flatly that suicide bombers will be sent to Bangkok.

    When I go out these days, I reduce my time spent in tourist areas. Saturday night, when the crowds hit the watering holes?? Stay home! I worry, because the Thais do not seem to believe that a Bali-style bombing could possibly happen here.

    L. Barnes (4df7ea)

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