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Wage Peace

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Thailand tries to do this literally, and fails.


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Have you voted today?

More on Correcting False Assertions in Letters to the Editor

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A correction in yesterday’s L.A. Times reads as follows:

Mideast conflict — A letter Nov. 29 said soldiers were the majority of the 900 Israelis killed in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict since 2000. The majority have been civilians.

It is interesting that the paper’s editors would believe this falsehood. I wouldn’t have.

But I reprint this correction mainly to make a different point. This correction is further evidence that — in theory — it is the paper’s policy to correct factual errors in letters to the editor. (This is an issue I have discussed on these pages many times before.)

I raise this issue because last month, the paper ran a letter to the editor repeating a false assertion made in an editorial two days previously. (The issue related to the false claim that a “pizza thief” is serving 25-to-life under the Three Strikes law; click on the links in this paragraph for more details.) On November 9, I complained to the “Readers’ Representative” about this falsehood — and asked her what the paper’s policy was on correcting such falsehoods. Yesterday’s correction reminded me that I still haven’t received a response to that complaint, despite the passage of almost an entire month.

I am pressing the issue. I sent the e-mail to her again today, and reminded her that I have received no response for several weeks.

L.A. Times Series on MLK Hospital Begins

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The L.A. Times begins a series on Martin Luther King Jr./Drew Medical Center today, with a story titled Deadly errors and politics betray a hospital’s promise.

This is a good example of a newspaper doing an excellent job of in-depth investigation on an important issue. It’s obvious, but bears saying nonetheless: bloggers cannot begin to accomplish something like this. We just don’t have the resources.

There is a reason we need Big Media: to get stories like this. And this one pulls no punches. Nice job. I’m looking forward to the rest.

UPDATE: Captain’s Quarters liked the article too.

Hewitt RSS Feed — Sort Of

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I found an RSS feed for Hugh Hewitt’s blog — here.

It’s about the worst RSS feed I’ve ever seen. It has only headlines — no content whatsoever. It appears to update only once a day. And it spits out a separate entry for every link in his posts, not just for the posts themselves.

So what’s the point? Well, if you’re like me, you forget to read sites with no RSS. (I hardly ever read Kaus anymore — you can subscribe to the Slate feed, but then you have to wade through all the RSS for all the junk on the Slate site.) This way, I’ll at least get a daily reminder on Bloglines to read Hugh. That’s worth getting the feed.

P.S. I also found a lousy feed for the Romenesko blog, here.

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