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Discussing Principled Pragmatism: The Great Hugh Hewitt Book Giveaway

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I just shipped out four free copies of Hugh Hewitt’s latest book to my friends Rod Stanton, Chadster, See Dubya, and John Behan (aka Commonwealth Conservative).

In addition to the four people just listed, I already sent a copy to Gene, and I will be delivering a copy personally to Justin Levine. That’s six free copies. (If there’s anyone to whom I specifically promised the book not included in the above list, leave a comment or e-mail me.)

In addition, several readers said that they would buy the book as a result of my review, including Iconic Midwesterner, David M., MaDr, and Kevin Murphy. (Kevin Murphy tells me his copy has already arrived. I’ll link to his review when it’s available.)

Finally, some readers have indicated that they already have it, including James Hess and BurbankErnie.

I wanted to get a critical mass for a good discussion, and I figured about ten people would be a good number. We have more than that already. Accordingly, I am going to close the offer — although I’ll still buy it for Spoons and the Clam if they will agree to take part in the discussion.

Obviously, this will be an extended discussion. It will take time for the books to arrive, for people to read them, and for them to submit comments. I have created a category called Principled Pragmatism which collects these posts in one place. If at any time you have something to add to the discussion, post it on your own blog, comment on a post in the Principled Pragmatism category (preferably the review of the book), and/or e-mail me. We’ll keep the discussion going for a while.

I should note that it has already begun. Clark Smith posted an excellent post summarizing Hugh’s pragmatic position. (I think Clark read my review as being more hostile to pragmatism than I meant it to be — but he is not the only one to read it this way by a longshot, so the fault is clearly mine in the expression, rather than his in the interpretation). The Yell responds to Clark here with a spirited “defense of ideology over partisanship.”

Excellent. This is exactly the sort of discussion I want to see. As long as we all link to each other, we’ll all be able to participate. I’d like each and every person named in this post, and every person interested in this issue, to hop onto Clark’s and The Yell’s posts and comment — and leave comments here. This is an important discussion. As Clark says: “It’s a discussion we’d be fools not to have.”

10 Responses to “Discussing Principled Pragmatism: The Great Hugh Hewitt Book Giveaway”

  1. Hi, P;
    I’d have been happy to get a free copy of the book — in Slovakia, on a low, low wage, I’m NOT going to buy it. But, as an ex-Libertarian Party member (twice candidate), well aware of Purity Police issues, I hope to be able to contribute to the discussion.

    If you want to send me the book, that would be great, too. How about this, I promise to vote for you? (yesterday I didn’t). Um, I DO thik MJT is great though. (But what has he ever done for me?)

    Tom Grey (8207d7)

  2. Every 24 hours until the contest ends? And tell your friends to do the same? And no votes for that Yourish woman either?

    Let me ask you this: Do you care if you get a new copy from one of the Amazon Marketplace sellers? Do you care if it has a remainder mark? If not, I can get a book that costs $6 and ships for about $10, which is about the same I’m shelling out for new books shipped domestically.

    Let me know . . .

    Patterico (756436)

  3. I posted to Calblog about Hewitt’s book. I invite anyone interested in my take to go over then, comment there, comment here, comment anywhere about it. Such discussion should be mandatory between now and the next U.S. presidential election.

    James C. Hess (88ae0e)

  4. You will get some sharp comments from this ex Jarhead. God, country, Marine Corps!
    BTW I was a Scout for a few years before I went off to war. Guess how I feel about the American Criminal Liberties Union?

    Rod Stanton (7edfd7)

  5. I have created a category called Principled Pragmatism

    I’m glad you’ve created a category to bundle your posts on the topic. Also the category’s title is spot-on—conceptualizing the understanding that political pragmatism can be a valid principle in its own rite.

    I share your hopes that Angry Clam and Spoons will climb on board in this discussion, as well as other BFL luminaries such as XRLQ (X, you listening?) and Kevin Murphy. The more people, posts, comments, and linky-linky [yes, especially the linky-linky ;-)] involved the better.

    I think Clark read my review as being more hostile to pragmatism than I meant it to be

    Sorry, Patterico, for misreading you, or at least in conveying such in my post. As I asserted in my post, you have been “even-handed” in your discussion on this topic.

    Thanks for addressing your concerns regarding my post; I’m always glad for the greater mutual understanding afforded by ongoing discussion.

    I’ll now go and respond to your nice comment left at my post. Thanks again.

    clark smith (8eb7a1)

  6. Book received. Many thanks. Will start reading it during my Metro commute tomorrow.

    Gene (b99a88)

  7. I received the book today, and I will begin reading it tonight or tomorrow. Thanks so much, Patterico.

    I have a post about this at my blog:


    John Behan (33eec1)

  8. If it’s not close, they can’t cheat
    One of the blogosphere’s brightest voices, Hugh Hewitt, has written a book, as many of you know. It’s titled, “If It’s Not Close, They Can’t Cheat: Crushing the Democrats in Every Election and Why Your Life Depends on It”. I haven’t read the book yet, …

    Confessions Of A Political Junkie (6df516)

  9. Hewitt’s Principled Pragmatism
    What to say about Hugh Hewitt’s new book If It’s Not Close They Can’t Cheat? Patterico has badgered me into giving my take on this, so here it is (You can find Patterico’s review here). I find I’ve come to…

    The Interocitor (9a1c22)

  10. Patterico challenge update
    Here, I posted about what Patterico is calling “The Great Hugh Hewitt Book Giveaway.”

    Basically, the challenge emerged after Patterico read Hugh Hewitt’s book, “If It’s Not Close, They Can’t Cheat: Crushing the …

    Commonwealth Conservative (28eb22)

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